SHOW and Tribute Partner Programs

Special Horse Organization Winner’s (SHOW) Program

Turning empty feed bags into cash is easy with the Special Horse Organization Winner’s (SHOW) Program. Southern States developed the SHOW Program to provide all non-profit horse associations and clubs their very own sponsorship tool. Each proof of purchase from Southern States® branded, Legends®, and/or ProElite® horse feed bags is worth $.25 to Foxie G. We can even earn $10 per ton on Southern States® branded and Legends® bulk pelleted feed.

Tribute Partners Program

The Partners Program provides an opportunity for you to support Foxie G by collecting Tribute proofs of purchase from Tribute feed bags. Each proof of purchase is worth $.25 and each ton of bulk feed purchased is worth $10.

We can arrange pick-up of your proofs of purchase seals, they can be dropped off at the farm or mailed.