Cat Success Stories

Once adopted, we always love to hear how our cats are doing in their new homes. We frequently get photos, emails and follow-up calls to keep us up-to-date. Our sanctuary cats have success stories too. Many have overcome deplorable conditions and severe health issues to now living their best life.

Below are just a few of these wonderful animals and how they are living a very happy life. Many more can be found on our social media accounts where new moms and dads often post directly to our page.

Charles a.k.a Charlie is not your average kitty. We love him so much but not nearly as much as our dog does! Charlie and his best friend Maverick the dog love taking walks around the farm together and grooming each other. He follows us around and helps us with yard work, he even tried to walk to the farmers market with us! Thank you so much for saving the cutest, weirdest little dog kitty in the whole world, we feel so lucky he found us!


Chloe was living at a 7-11 in Frederick when the folks at Foxie G trapped her to spay and vaccinate her. We adopted her as a barn kitty, but she quickly moved into our house. We are grateful for this little gem!


The three little bobtails, as we call them here at Foxie G, were left in the front of the farm with their feral mother, Sweetie. Despite our best attempts at socializing them, they remained feral. After receiving the necessary veterinary care, the entire family enjoys the sanctuary life here at Foxie G.


Livie came to Foxie G with her mother and 6 siblings. We were fostering her family and everyone was adopted except for Livie because she was shy. We kept her, and she’s been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family!