Foxie G is based in a farming community where there are many non-socialized or feral and free roaming cats. We focus heavily on these felines as they rarely receive support or care.

Cats under the care of Foxie G, whether strays, feral, owner give-ups or from a local shelter, are assessed to determine their adoptability. All kittens and cats are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, defleaed, microchipped and combo tested before being placed in our sanctuary or adoption program.


Some of the cats turned over to Foxie G need time to recover from illness and to receive the necessary veterinary care. After recovering, they are assessed for which of our programs may best suit them.

Adopt a Cat

All cats in our adoption program have been assessed for temperament and are fully vetted. As with the horses, they too can be returned at any time for any reason. Our adoptable cats can be found on our Facebook and Petfinder pages also.

Ready to adopt? Download, fill out and email our cat adoption contract and questionnaire to

Our Cat Sanctuary

Some of the cats that come to us need additional supportive care, are aged or remain un-socialized despite our best efforts. They live their lives out in our cat sanctuary at the farm.

Our Managed Cat Colonies

Foxie G cares for 12 feral or non-socialized cat colonies in our community. They are fed daily, have shelter and receive necessary veterinary care, which includes spaying/neutering to control over population and to keep the colony healthy.

  • All
  • Adoption – Companion Only
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sanctuary


Age: 13 years old
Color: Light brown tabby
Sex: Spayed female

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