Dominic’s Fund

**WARNING: Some may find photos on this page disturbing**

Today marks a bittersweet day for all us here at Foxie G as we launch Dominic’s Fund. A fund to pull, rehabilitate and find homes or provide sanctuary to Thoroughbreds in the slaughter pipeline. While we are blessed to be able to help these beautiful animals, it is heartbreaking that such a fund is even needed.

Dominic’s Back was one of the worst kill pen pulls we have saved in our 8 years of working to help Thoroughbreds in need. He had a hole in his forehead that penetrated the bone and went 3” into the nasal cavity. Emaciated with abscesses in all four feet, his prognosis was grim. A woman who was casually looking for a horse to adopt saw the photos we posted online and immediately knew she had to do whatever it took to help him through his recovery. Driving hours one way, she made multiple visits every week, bringing homemade horse treats, supplements and hoof dressings along with an abundance of love, brushings and kisses. It paid off. Due to the care he received at Foxie G and this woman’s efforts, Dominic is now thriving as a show horse and most importantly as a member of her family.

Over the years Dominic’s mom has continued to show her support for Foxie G by bringing Dominic to our events for meet and greets, donating items for our auctions and spending countless volunteer hours on the farm. Today is no different. She is graciously helping kick off the launch of this fund by donating a beautiful furniture set from her business Shabby Chic Farmhouse Boutique that will be the first item in our ongoing online auction, with all proceeds going to Dominic’s Fund.

The initial contributions to the fund have been generously made by our board members. Two mares, Allusual and Down Neck Louise are the first horses saved from a horrific death by this fund. They have just arrived in quarantine and are being examined by the veterinarian. Stay tuned for updates and more information on both girls as well as auction details.

Want to help slaughter bound Thoroughbreds have a brighter future? Donations to the fund can be made via and by check or credit card by contacting Nicky at 301-748-6062.