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Sweet Pea

black and white horse silhouette
Status: Sanctuary
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Unknown
Sex: Mare
Number or Starts: 0
Lifetime Earnings: 0

Sweet Pea is not a Thoroughbred, but we don’t know if we have ever seen a horse that was so desperate for help. She was standing in a kill pen guarding a pair of mules that she had befriended. The mules were pulled but Pea was left behind, bewildered, and defensive. She kicked or bit at volunteers and pen employees when they approached her as she had absolutely no trust in people. She was about 15 minutes from shipping to slaughter when we were made aware of her fate and pulled her. This old girl kept us on our toes for a few weeks but eventually Pea realized that we would never harm her. She now gives kisses as she begs for treats and loves neck scratches. We promised her that she never needs to be afraid again and will always be safe here.

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