Showing Your Support From a Distance

The farm, the horses, this place is pure magic.

—Jessi S.

We hope that everyone is staying healthy and well during these difficult times. We are blessed and fortunate that all of us here at Foxie G remain healthy. As with many people, it has been a struggle to know how to best navigate these unchartered rough waters. A reality that we are facing is that four of our public fundraising events planned for 2020 have been cancelled due to the pandemic and our remaining events will most certainly be cancelled as well. The events we have already had to cancel would have generated over $10,000 to help care for our animals. If we have to cancel all of these 2020 events, we will lose over $35,000 in much needed funds. In order to offset this loss, we are running a Show Your Support…From a Distance campaign with the goal to raise $15,000 for our “kids”.

We are committed to continuing to take the very best care of our kids as we call the many horses and cats under our care. Some of them will live their lives out with us in our sanctuary program. Others will be with us for months as they are prepared for adoption. All of them will require high quality feed and veterinary care along with other necessary procedures so that they can live their best life. We know that so many of us are facing financial challenges and we do not in any way wish to add pressure to anyone’s situation. Our average monthly cost to care for one horse is $598 and one cat has an average monthly cost of $51. If you are able to do so, would you consider a donation to help cover the cost to keep them healthy and happy? We would be happy to accept donated items or services as well. Fortunately, many of the products or services we use are discounted by our caring providers.

Thank you so much for considering our request. Donations can be made through PayPal using the donate button below, checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 39, Libertytown, MD 21762 or credit cards can be accepted by calling Nicky at 301-748-6062. Take care and be well.