Happy Trails

Happy Trails

In these uncertain times, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Since you aren’t able to come visit us while staying home to keep yourself and others safe and healthy, we thought we would bring the farm to you. We will be posting a new photo or video to bring a little joy to your day. Have a favorite horse, cat or farm friend you would like to see? Let us know by emailing whinnywhiskers@thefoxiegfoundation.org with the subject line Happy Trails. Enjoy!

Ever wonder what it’s like at Foxie G when the people have gone, the work is done and the animals have settled in for the night? Here’s a glimpse at a quiet evening on the farm.


Dreaming of warm, breezy days that are perfect for napping.


Cher the goat thinks she’s a pup when she comes running when called.


Mischief and Rex, two of our sanctuary kitties, out looking for some trouble to get into. Though most of the time these boys keep to themselves and are well behaved.


These girls are the best of friends and don’t  mind helping each other out when they can’t reach an itch.


The peacock is either very fond of or not happy at all with our piggy Petunia. 


We are grateful for Nick and Steve who are helping with fence repair while we are currently closed to visitors due to the Governor’s stay at home orders.


One of our fields of sanctuary mares were enjoying the warmer temps by galloping across the field. Some of these girls are retired broodmares, others were racehorses that have an injury that prevents them from going into our adoption program or have too much “attitude” to be safely ridden. Either way they will live out their life at Foxie G, frolicking and having fun.