Hallowhinny Online Auction

Please join us for our Hallowhinny Online Auction. This time of year we are usually gearing up for our annual in-person Halloween party. Due to COVID, we have had to cancel that event and are now holding an online auction as our big fall fundraiser. Bid on many wonderful items like a bourbon and cigar basket, saddles, furniture from Shabby Chic Farmhouse Boutique, prints, jewelry and much more while helping raise money for the kids at Foxie G.

You can bid by contacting Nicky at 301-748-6062 (call or text) or by emailing whinnywhiskers@thefoxiegfoundation.org. Please include the item number and your bid amount. You will receive a confirmation message that your bid has been placed.

You may also bid by joining the event on Foxie G’s Facebook page at https://fb.me/e/6zSkGQxHg