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Adopt A Horse For A Day

Christmas is officially over, but look what’s coming just around the corner…Valentine’s Day, Easter, graduations, and birthdays! Have you ever been stumped trying to find the perfect gift for your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, spouse or other special person in your life? The Foxie G Foundation may have just the solution for you. Why not give the gift of temporarily “adopting” a rescued horse for your loved one on that special day or occasion?

Foxie G rescues and rehabilitates horses with the goal of eventually finding new homes for them. Unfortunately, not all of those we rescue can be rehabilitated and thus become permanent residents of the Foundation. As a means of helping to support them, we are offering a unique program of a one-day “adoption” of a retiree, which can be given as a gift.
Imagine the thrill of receiving an “adoption” certificate with your child’s name as the “adopter” along with the name and photograph of the horse to be “adopted”. Or even more special, the opportunity for your child to visit his or her “adopted” horse at Summer Wind Farm in Union Bridge, Maryland. This is a great opportunity to give a meaningful gift while at the same time helping to support a worthwhile charity.

“Adopting” the horse is easy–just complete this form and send it in, along with your payment to The Foxie G Foundation, c/o Summer Wind Farm, P.O. Box 39, Libertytown, MD. You will receive the “adoption” certificate and photograph in time for the date you have identified on the form. If you select the option that includes a visit with your “adopted” horse, you will be contacted by phone to arrange for a specific visitation date and time.